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About LifeQuest

Why a Quest?

Jesus invites us to "Follow Him". That invitation infers movement and direction. We believe the journey of discipleship is just that: a journey. Thus the name Quest--and adventure with purpose. To grow in a very natural, very directed but very personal way.  Jesus said that he came that we might ahve life, and have it to the full. (John 10:10) In that promise Jesus calls us to a Life Quest.

What's Different?

With Life Quest the Holy Spirit is the guide.We worked to develop a personal journey that: require no teacher, had no set number of weeks to finish, had no homework, and could be taken alone or with a friend. The Quest is just that; a personal adventure in following Jesus.

What's Involved?

Life Quest consists of 5 Waypoints for the journey: The Sovereignty of God, The Authority of the Bible, The Purpose and Power of Prayer, The Gift of the Holy Spirit, and The Next Step in the Quest.

Each Waypoint has a few strategic starting questions, a journey in scripture for that topic, an application of truths learned to 13 key areas of our lives and a further exploration time. There is also a guided prayer for each Waypoint of the journey.

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